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Two page illustration from the ehon Shin zōho saikoku kidan

Identifier: 1850s Kunisada monkey attack.jpg
This diptych by Kunisada appears in an ehon, 新増補西国奇談 or Shin zōho saikoku kidan, published by Sanoya Kihei (Kikaudō) between 1856-75. The author is Tamenaga Shinsui (1818-86).

Yoshitora also helped illustrate this series.


The text in the lower left reads: 十六夜の侍女松枝. We don't know the meaning of this text, but we do know that 十六夜 means 'a 16 day old moon' and 侍女 means 'lady attendant' or 'maid' and 松枝 is the name Matsueda.

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