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Nakamura Utaemon III (三代目中村歌右衛門) as the apprentice Igo (伊吾)
of the Amakawaya (天川屋) in the play Ōishizuri sakura tanzaku

Identifier: 1822 Yoshikuni

This image commemorates a performance at the Naka no Shibai in Osaka

Although the plot for Ōishizuri sakura tanzaku (Ōishi's stone rubbing, a poem card, and flowering cherry: 大西摺桜花短冊) remains unknown, some role names (such as the virtuous wives Oishi and Osono, or Okaru's brother, Teraoka Heiemon) inscribed on prints by several artists for this production suggest that the story line was adapted from the most famous of all revenge plays, Kanadehon Chūshingura (Copybook of the Treasury of Loyal Retainers). Prints by Hokushū and Yoshikuni for this performance further identify Utaemon's role of the wine-shop merchant as amakawaya Igo (later called Yatō Yomoshichi). Utaemon also performed as Tashirō Yasubei (a.k.a. the servant Yasuke).

Provenance: This impression is from the Haber Collection (illustrated in Schwaab, Osaka Prints, 1989, no. 50). Prints from this collection are admired for their fine color preservation, and often for their rarity, as with this design.


Some of the text reads: 四方の酒店の小わらはの忠孝を全ふせる 俳優の仕打をかんして イヨ親玉有かたいと申 あまり有りて四方にきこえし評判は扇ともへのあふきてもなほ 雪のや早房

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