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Nakamura Fukusuke I as Sukeroku (助六) and Agemaki (揚巻)

Identifier: 1857-58 Toyokuni III Sukeroku and Agemaki.jpg

There is a Kuniyoshi diptych in the Lyon Collection showing these two kabuki characters in similar costumes each posed before a large archery target. (See #99)

The curatorial files from Waseda University identify the actor Nakamura Fukusuke I in the role of Sukeroku.


The name of the onnagata as the courtesan Agemaki may have its origins in the title of the fourty-seventh chapter of The Tale of Genji. Agemaki in that case means the 'trefoil knot' and appears in a poem by Kaoru. 'Trefoil knots' were used to wrap gifts. The poem reads:

In these trefoil knots may you
secure forever our eternal bond,
that our threads may always merge
in that one place where they met."
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