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Ichimura Uzaemon XIII in an Evening Shower Among Flowers
(Hana no yūdachi - はなの夕立)

Identifier: 1862 Kuniyoshi crepe

This is from the crepe printing of a triptych by Yoshitoshi. The print in the Lyon Collection is the right-hand panel and it represents Ichimura Uzaemon XIII (1844-1903). The group is "...set against a silhouetted background of the 'seven autumnal flowers' (aki no nanakusa). Their umbrellas are inscribed with the character dai from the name of he publisher Daikokuya. The actors names are not given, their identification based on their facial features and the patterns on their robes. This work may have been inspired by a similar, albeit non-Kabuki related, triptych by Yoshitoshi's teacher Utagawa Kuniyoshi entitled Sudden rain in midsummer (Shochū no yūdachi) and dated to 1849-51."

Quoted from: Yoshitoshi: Masterpieces from the Ed Freis Collection, p. 61. Illustrated in color.

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