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Kataoka Gadō II (片岡我童) as Chishima Kanja Yoshihiro (千島冠者義広)
in the play Keisei Satsumagushi [けいせい挟妻櫛] (A Pledge of Affection
and a Wife's Comb)

Identifier: 1841 Toyohide

This play was performed at the Kado Theater in Osaka in 9/1841. Unfortunately, nothing is known of this play.

"The animated composition relies in part on the strong diagonal established by the cresting waves, à la Hokusai, in opposition to the slanting metallic rain."

Barely a dozen designs are known by Toyohide, and impressions in good condition are rare. Formerly in the Okada Collection (featured in Kuroda Genji's 1929 "Kamigata-e Ichiran" Review of Kamigata Pictures).


Illustrated in Ikeda bunko, Kamigata yakusha-e shūsei, vol. 3, 2001, #216.

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