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Takegawa (竹川), #44 (四十四) from the series
Lady Murasaki's Genji Cards (Murasaki Shikibu Genji karuta - 紫式部げんじかるた)

Identifier: 1857 Kunisada II takegawa

This print in the Lyon Collection is trimmed on all sides. If you click on the link to the Museum of Fine Arts copy which shows the decorative border which is meant to represent an image from an album laid down on decorative paper flecked with gold.


Part of the publisher's seal, the ivy leaf, seen within a red circle, appears prominently on the large wicker traveling box seen behind the kneeling woman.


The series included 54 prints plus a contents sheet. This is listed only in Andreas Marks, Genji's World in Japanese Woodblock Prints, number 360.


What I find curious is the title refers to a card matching game, karuta, while the image shown in the upper right corner is for the kai-awase shell-matching game with an accompanying Genji mon.

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