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No. 20 ( 二十): Tokuda Sadaemon Yukitaka (徳田貞右衛門行高) from the series Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai (Seichū gishi den - 誠忠義士傳)

Identifier: 1847-48c Kuniyoshi ronin B

The dentate pattern on this print is a give away that it is a Chūshingura-themed prints. But not all prints devoted to this story show these designs. "The distinctive dentate pattern on the coats is an iconographical motif which represents the inescapable progress of day and night, symbolizing unfailing loyalty."

Quoted from: 'Mitate kokkei Chūshingura. Hiroshige's humorous parodies of the Loyal Retainers' by Pierre Wijermans and Henk Herwig, fn. 32, p. 73.


The number 20 ( 二十) appears in a circular seal immediately below the publisher's seal.


Illustrated in Kuniyoshi: The Faithful Samurai by David R. Weinberg, 2000, #I.20.

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