Artist: Utagawa Kuniteru II (二代目歌川国輝)

Print: Mitsuuji struggles with a thief from Kasumitatsu Miyoshi no Genji (霞立三吉の源氏)

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Dates: 1869,created
Dimensions: 19.0 in,13.75 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Signed: Kuniteru hitsu (国輝筆)
Publisher: Unidentified as of now
Combined censor and date seals: aratame and 3/1869

Related links: Waseda University - left panel from a different triptych, but featuring a ninja warrior; Lyon Collection - similar scene from ca. 1850 in a triptych by Toyokuni III;Waseda University Library - this exact triptych; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - ca. 1839 Kunisada painting of this scene;

Physical description:

"The valiant hero Mitsuuji struggles with a thief who attempts to steal the heirloom sword called Kagarasumaru under cover of night. Mitsuuji's young stepmother, Fuji-no-hata, and her maidservant Sugibae, who lost her grip on a lamp, try to move out of harm's way."

Quote from: "A Country Genji: Kunisada's single-sheet Genji series" by Andreas Marks, Impressions, #27, 2005-06, fig. 16, p. 65. [This quote describes the Kunisada scroll painting linked to above at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, but also applies to this triptych.]


Kuniteru must have had a propensity toward doing ninja/thief related prints since there is another one with these dark warriors in the collection of Waseda University, but by a different publisher. It appears to date from 3/1868.

The main figure of the woman on the right is wearing a robe decorated with various Genji mon.