Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni I (初代歌川豊国)

Print: Bijin carrying a janome-gasa or snake's eye umbrella
with 3 fan motifs, one with the Zodiac sign of the tiger -
one panel of a triptych? - Yayoi (弥生), the 3rd month

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Dates: 1811,created
Dimensions: 10.75 in,14.5 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Signed: Toyokuni ga (豊国画)
Publisher: Tsuruya Kinsuke (Marks 554 seal 06-002)
Censor's seal: kiwame
Gyōji seal: Tsurukin (1811-14)

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Physical description:

The Museum für angewandte Kunst in Vienna notes that all of the symbols on the fans in the upper part of this print are representative of the 3rd month, yayoi: the tiger, the yamabuki flowers and the covered jar with two cups which often appear on the shelving of the doll's festival.


The three fans at the top are decorated with yamabuki flowers on the right, a covered saké container with cups in the center and on the left one with a tiger and bamboo looking like a sumi-e painting.

The peony decoration on the woman's outer robe and umbrella may very well represent the 'logo' for a particular house of assignation.

There are quite a few other prints from this series in the Museum für angewandte Kunst, Vienna.


Similar prints from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston might indicate that this print in the Lyon Collection is only one panel of a triptych.