Artist: Katsukawa Shunchō (勝川春潮)

Print: Courtesans parading under lanterns: Nishikido (錦戸) of the Chōjiya, kamuro Kikuno (きくの) and Utano (うたの) in the right panel; Nanakoshi (七こし) of the Ōgiya (扇や), kamuro Mineno (みねの) and Takane (たかね) in the left panel - These are the center and right hand panels of a triptych

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Dates: created
Dimensions: Overall dimensions

Signed: Shunchō ga (春潮画)
Artists seal: Chūrin
Publisher: Izumiya Ichibei (Marks 180 - seal 25-365)

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Physical description:

On the right the courtesan Nishikido of the green-house Chōjiya with her retinue and on the left Nanakoshi of Ōgiya. The centre and right sheets of a triptych executed in the restricted color palette of beni girai (red avoiding) of which Shunchō was the undisputed master.


Illustrated in:

1) Black and white in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collection: Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Brussels, vol. 9, Kodansha, 1989, #37, p. 174.

2) Ukiyo-e Taikei, vol 4, #241,2 and 3.