Artist: Natori Shunsen (名取春仙)

Print: Nakamura Kaisha as Okaru in the play
Love Suicides on the Eve of the Kōshin Festival
(Shinjū yoi Gōshin) from the series Portriats of Male Actors in Various Roles

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Dates: created,1928
Dimensions: Overall dimensions

Signed: Shunsen (春仙)

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Physical description:

This print is #35 from an edition of 150.


"Shunsen's image from the Love suicides on the eve of the Kōshin Festival shows Nakamura Kaisha I [中村魁車] as Okaru [おかる]. Okaru treats Hanbei [her brother-in-law] with hostility, believing him to have divorced her sister Ochiya. While Okaru is not one of the drama's main characters, she embodies the unwarranted doubt cast on Hanbei's samurai morality."

Quoted from: Stars of the Tokyo Stage, p. 120. It is from the series Portriats of Male Actors in Various Roles (創作版画 春仙似顔集).


Shinjū yoi Gōshin (心中宵庚申) was written by Chikamatsu Monzaemon in ca. 1722.



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There is another copy of this print in the Toledo Museum of Art.