Artist: Gayūken Shunsei (画遊軒春勢)

Print: Onoe Tamizō II (二代目尾上多見蔵) as both Genta and as a fisherman from the play Hatsuharu no Kotobuki Iwau Kokonobake 初春寿九化 - (A Dance of Nine Changes - 九之化之内)

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Dates: created,1829
Dimensions: Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Gayūken Shunsei ga
Publishers: Kichi (Marks U140 - seal closest to 06-012)
and Honya Seishichi (Marks 123 - seal 13-004)

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Physical description:

The name of this play and the actor are written on the collapsible lantern.

Illustrated in color in Osaka Prints by Dean J. Schwaab, p. 130, #114 and in black and white in Osaka-Holzschnitte by Hendrick Lühl, p. 90.


Hatsuharu no kotobuki iwau kokonobake (Nine changes for long-life in early spring: 初春寿九化) brought together a set of nine pieces for a single actor to showcase his skills in acting, recitation, and dance. It is an example of so-called hatsuharu kyōgen ("early spring plays" or "New Year's plays": 初春狂言).