Artist: Utagawa Kunikazu (歌川国員)

Print: Arashi Kichisaburo III (嵐吉三郎) as Asahina Tōbei (朝比奈藤兵衛) from the series Seven Calligraphic Models for Each Character in the Kana Syllabary (Nanatsu iroha - 七ツいろは) - the syllable te (て)

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Dates: 1859,created
Dimensions: 7.0 in,9.5 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese color woodblock print

Publisher: Ishikawa Wasuke (Marks 163 - seal 25-343)

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Physical description:

From the play Goku Saishiki Musume Ogi. The characters are in brass and the rain is silver.


Asahina Tōbei was an otokodate or chivalrous commoner who, despite the swagger, was a defender of the little man. His type was very popular in the puppet and kabuki theaters.