Artist: Isoda Koryūsai (礒田湖龍斎)

Print: Young man on a horse being watched by two girls from behind a window

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Dates: circa 1770,created
Dimensions: 4.875 in,25.7 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: color woodblock print

Signed: Koryūsai ga (湖龍斎)

Related links: Harvard Art Museums; Lyon Collection - similar, but older print by Masanobu;

Physical description:

This hashira-e is listed as #475 and illustrated on page 198 in Pins. The source is the Art Institute, Chicago, but it is not shown on their web site online. Allen Hockley in his book on Koryūsai lists this as F28 on page 252. Hokley also lists a copy in the Nihon Ukiyo-e Hakubutsukan.

This print by Koryūsai from ca. 1770 is uncannily similar to one created by Masanobu from the mid-1740s. Both examples are in the Lyon Collection and make for a wonderful contrast. In both cases a well dressed young man is riding a beautifully caparisoned horse while being observed by two young beauties through a latticed window nearby. There are several other points of comparison: the Masanobu displays a flowering tree - an indication of springtime perhaps - while there is a pine tree in the Koryūsai. The placements of man and horse are basically the same, but the structures behind them differ somewhat. But, perhaps, the most significant difference between the two prints is the sense of movement in the Koryūsai where the young man is twisting his body and holding onto his hat. (See the link above.)