Artist: Katsushika Taito II (二代目葛飾戴斗)

Print: Volume 3 of The Picture Book of the Journey to the West (Ehon Saiyūki - 絵本西遊記)

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Dates: 1833,created
Dimensions: 6.1 in,8.75 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: color woodblock print

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Physical description:

Ehon with partial translation into Japanese by Gakutei and illustrations by Genryusai Taito (Taito II). Volume 1.

Illustration and translation of the classical Chinese novel "Monkey" by Wu Ch'eng-en. Part of the translation was made by Gakutei himself.

Reference: The Art of the Japanese Book, by Jack Hillier, Sotheby's, vol. II, pp. 726-29.

According to Hillier, the first volume was published in 1806 and the last in 1835.

The seven women illustrated on page 6 of the Lyon Collection represent the Seven Passions.

The Waseda University Library Links shown above give the publication dates as 1806-1837. There are 40 volumes shown in their collection. Volumes 1-10 have solid, dark blue covers; volumes 11-20 show an army of armed monkeys flying into the air; volumes 21-30 display a lotus flower and leafy pad; and volumes 31-40 have the same somewhat enigmatic cover as found on the one being discussed here from the Lyon Collection. This is a curious bit of information considering that vol. 21 in the collection of Waseda University, the one with a lotus flower and pad, has the exact same images and as this one, but with greatly abridged texts. Curious - different covers and none of the excessively preachy Buddhist text found elsewhere.


The Waseda University web site says that the illustrations were by Hokusai, but does not mention his talented pupil Taito II.