Artist: Yashima Gakutei (八島岳亭)

Print: Ichiro's Picture Album (Ichiro gafu 一老画譜)

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Dates: 1823,created
Dimensions: 6.0 in,8.7 in,Overall dimensions

Publisher seal: Gasendo

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Physical description:

Album of Gakutei drawings in a complete volume with orange covers. There are illustrations and texts are color woodblock prints. This work reflects Gakutei's skill as a landscape painter who used the Chinese classic "Hsi yu chi" as his model. It contains plum, cherry flowers, snow scenes, bamboo, human figures, willow, mountains, pine, rain, wind, and other classical subjects.


"Ichiro was one of Gakutei's art-names. The prints appeared first in a privately published 'kyoka' book in two volumes entitled 'Sansui kikan kyoka-shu' (Collected 'kyoka' and Landscapes of Strange Sights)." This volume illustrates the continuing vitality of the tradition of 'kyoka' illustration in the woodblock book form.

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Most of the quote and information given directly above is taken directly from the British Museum curatorial comments.

****There is a copy of this volume in the collection of Columbia University.