Artist: Kitao Masanobu (北尾政演)

Print: Fan vendor pillar print

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Dates: circa 1795,created
Dimensions: 4.6 in,27.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Masanobu ga (政演画)

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Physical description:

Masanobu may well have been the inventor of this particular type of print.


This print from ca. 1795 appears to relate directly to another print of a fan vendor in the Lyon Collection. That one is by Harunobu and dates from 1770. In both of them the seller holds the tip of a scarf between his teeth. This motif cannot be completely coincidental.


"A paper and fan vendor passing a house where two girls look down on him from a window above."
-- Jacob Pins, plate 594, page 233.