Artist: Isoda Koryūsai (礒田湖龍斎)

Print: Woman with baby climbing out of bathtub (子供を抱いて風呂から上がる女)

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Dates: circa 1770,created
Dimensions: 4.75 in,31.375 in,Overall dimensions

Signature: Koryūsai ga (湖龍斎画)
Artist's seal: Unreadable
Publisher: Matsumura Yahei
Marks 312 - seal not listed but close to 15-023 and 025

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Physical description:

A print like this one is listed in Allen Hockley's The Prints of Isoda Koryūsai: Floating World Culture and its Consumers in the Eighteenth-Century Japan, p. 249, p. E-2. However, the print in the Lyon Collection shows the woman's genitalia.


Andreas Marks does not list Koryūsai as one of the artists published by Matsumura Yahei, but we are confident of this attribution.