Artist: Ōta Masamitsu (太田雅光)

Print: Onoe Baikō VII (七代目尾上梅幸) as Fujitsubo (藤壷),
number 8 from the series Flowers of Contemporary Theatre (現代舞台芸花)

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Dates: 1955,created
Dimensions: 10.75 in,16.75 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print
Inscription: Signed: Masamitsu (雅光)
Number - embossed in lower right: 153 [of 200]
Printer's mark: Miyake Kōshodō shosatsu

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Physical description:

Miyake Kōshodō is the name printed on this sheet. It represents the publisher Banchōrō (Marks U009).

Fujitsubo is from the play Genji monogatari. Scholten Japanese Art wrote about this print: "The play is based on the legendary 11th century story of the same name and was developed for the kabuki stage by Funahashi Seiichi in the early 1950s. In this modern adaptation, which follows some of the general story-line of the classic, Fujitsubo is a mistress of the Emperor who has an ongoing affair with the young Prince Genji. Genji is one of the Emperor's many children, and was known for his unbridled sexual activity. The continuation of their affair, as well as the others in which Genji was engaged, put them both in danger, especially after the Emperor abdicated the throne and less friendly actors rose to political power. At the end of the play, Genji leaves Kyoto to live in exile in the desolate land of Sumaro, while Fujitsubo retires to a convent to become a nun."