Artist: Shunkōsai Hokushū (春好斎北洲)

Print: Right panel: Bandō Mitsugorō III (坂東三津五郎) as Daihanji Kiyozumi (大判事清澄) and Arashi Koroku IV (嵐小六) as Koganosuke (久我之助): left panel shows Nakamura Matsue III (中村松江) as Sadaka's daughter Hinadori (娘ひな鳥) and Nakamura Utaemon III (中村歌右衛門) as the widow Sadaka (後室狭高) - from the play Imoseyama Onna Teikin [妹背山婦女庭訓 - Mount Imo and Mount Se: An Exemplary Tale of Womanly]

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Dates: 1821,created
Dimensions: 20.25 in,15.25 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Shunkōsai Hokushū ga

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Physical description:

The versatility of Utaemon III's acting skills is made apparent in his role here as Sadaka, an older women. His range was so great that he could successfully perform either male or female roles. A careful examination of his robes and you will notice clearly the tsuru-bishi or white cranes on a pinkish field running vertically down the actors sleeve.

Sasabeni, an expensive safflower cosmetic used to paint the lower lip, a fashion craze mainly for women, can be seen on the lower lips of both of the young lovers.


Illustrated in Keyes, The Theatrical World of Osaka Prints, 1973, pp. 72-73.

Another version of these two prints in the Lyon Collection show the publisher's seal for Wataya Kihei. This one does not.


The left panel is illustrated in color in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collection 5: Victoria and Albert Museum II, Kodansha, 1989, #150.