Artist: Gigadō Ashiyuki (戯画堂芦ゆき)

Print: Arashi Kitsusaburō II (嵐橘三郎) as Nagoya Sanza (名古屋山三) on the right with Nakayama Icchō IV (中山一蝶) as the servant Shikazō (奴鹿蔵) on the left

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Dates: 1823,created
Dimensions: 9.625 in,14.375 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Gigadō Ashiyuki ga

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Physical description:

Nagoya Sanzaburo is wearing a robe decorated with both of his identifying motifs. Here the prominent one is the ame ni nure tsubame (雨に濡れ燕) or swallows flying in the rain. The other motif is much more subtle and is represented by the triple umbrella or sanbon-karakasa (三本傘). To see it clearly you will probably have to click on the picture to enlarge it.


This surimono-like print commemorates a performance of Keisei Shinasadame (けいせい品評林) at the Naka Theater in Osaka in the first month of 1823.

Some of the text reads: 璃寛精霊守目徳 看客貴賎称二代 即時☆(草冠+登)階西大関 当揚団扇春狂言 洛東繊白?and のほるほと四方に遠音の雲雀かな 春の屋

The square red seal reads: 大るのや


Nagoya Sanza's robe displays both of his identifying motifs: 1) swallows in the rain or ame ni nure tsubame and 2) triple umbrellas or sambon-karakusa.


There is another edition of this print with a Wataya Kihei publisher's seal on it.


Illustrated in Ikeda Bunko, Kamigata yakusha-e shūsei (Collected Kamigata Actor Prints), vol. 1, Ikeda Bunko Library, Osaka 1997, no. 213.