Artist: Gigadō Ashiyuki (戯画堂芦ゆき)

Print: Arashi Kitsusaburō II (嵐橘三郎) as Nagoya Sanza (名古屋山三) on the right with Nakayama Icchō IV (中山一蝶) as the servant Shikazō (奴鹿蔵) on the left

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Dates: 1823,created
Dimensions: 9.625 in,14.375 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Gigadō Ashiyuki ga

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Physical description:

This surimono-like print commemorates a performance of Keisei Shinasadame (けいせい品評林) at the Naka Theater in Osaka in the first month of 1823.

Some of the text reads: 璃寛精霊守目徳 看客貴賎称二代 即時☆(草冠+登)階西大関 当揚団扇春狂言 洛東繊白?and のほるほと四方に遠音の雲雀かな 春の屋

The square red seal reads: 大るのや


There is another edition of this print with a Wataya Kihei publisher's seal on it.


Illustrated in Ikeda Bunko, Kamigata yakusha-e shūsei (Collected Kamigata Actor Prints), vol. 1, Ikeda Bunko Library, Osaka 1997, no. 213.