Artist: Tsuruya Kōkei (弦屋光溪)

Print: Onoe Kikugurō VII (より七世尾上菊五郎) as Kirare Yosaburō (切られ与三郎)

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Dates: May 1990,created
Dimensions: Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print
Inscription: Artist Seal: Seal of Kōkei (光溪之印)
Edition Seal: Out of 90 (九十之内) with brushed-in number “90” (shichiju: 七十) at upper left over top seal

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Physical description:

Genjidana (源氏店), performed at the Kabuki-za, Tokyo, January 1990; Series: Daihachi ki ōkubi-e shirizu sono ni (Bust Portraits VIII, Design 2: 第八期大首絵シリーズの2)

Gray mica ground; printed on extremely thin gampi tori no ko paper (from Fukui Prefecture); blocks cut on Tilia Japonica (plywood with lime wood surface); printed to edges of paper (no margins); with purple mica ground.