Artist: Enjaku (猿雀)

Print: Ichikawa Yonezō IV as Ishii Genzō in Katakiuchi ukiki no kameyama (”Grief for a gentle flower and revenge at Kameyama”)

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Dates: 1860,created
Dimensions: 7.5 in,10.2 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

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Physical description:

This print commemorates a performance at the Inari Shrine theater, 3/1860.

An adauchi mono (‘revenge play’), or Kameyama no katakiuchi mono (‘Kameyama revenge play’), based on actual event involving the Ishii brothers in the Date clan’s castle at Kameyama in 1701. It presents a vendetta by Ishikawa Hyōsuke against Akabori Mizuemon, a villain who tricked Hyōsuke’s father into killing his innocent wife for being unfaithful. Genzō was Hyōsuke’s brother-in-law who exacts revenge against Mizuemon. In later adaptations Genzō fights (and in some versions loses his life to) the villain Fujikawa Mizuemon. This is the 2nd state, standard edition. Background includes a butterfly ‘kakihan’ = a “yone-style” butterfly (Yonezō’s mon) and 3 stripes for “zô.”

1st state in Lühl collection and Fiorillo collection

Illustrated in Kennedy catalog #109. Also in Ikeda Bunko.
Catalog #1.32 in Fiorillo & Luhl "Enjaku: Osaka master of the deluxe print" 2006