Artist: Gigadō Ashiyuki (戯画堂芦ゆき)

Print: (R) Onoe Kikugorō III (三代目尾上菊五郎) as Sakuramaru ( 桜 丸 ) and (L) Fujikawa Tomokichi II (二代目藤川友吉) as Sakuramaru’s wife nyōbō Yae (女房八重) in Sugawara denju tenarai kagami (Mirror of learning & transmitting Sugawara's secrets of calligraphy: 菅原伝授手習鑑)

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Dates: created,March 1826
Dimensions: 20.75 in,15.5 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print
Inscription: Signature: Gigadō Ashiyuki ga
Publisher: Honsei (本清) Honya Seishichi (本屋清七)

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Physical description:

Performed at the Naka no Shibai, Osaka, 3/1826.

This scene appears to be from Act I when Yae and her husband Sakuramaru secretly arrange a tryst for Prince Tokiyo, younger brother of the Emperor, and Lady Kariya, adopted daughter of Sugawara. The scene is staged along the bank of the Kamo River, where Sakuramaru and Yae have just persuaded Kariya to join the shy prince inside his carriage. Not long after, Kiyotsura (a retainer of Fujiwara no Shihei) and his men confront Sakuramaru regarding the prince's whereabouts. As they attempt to search the carriage, Sakuramaru fends them off and chases them away while the young lovers escape unnoticed. Yae returns with a water bucket (for the lovers' ablutions after lovemaking), dropping it when she learns of the couples' escape. Sugawara then runs off in the hope of finding the lovers before they are disgraced by their behavior.

This is the same impression of the diptych used for the cover (left sheet) and as exhibition catalog #99 in Kamigata ukiyo-e nihyakunen ten (Exhibition of 200 years of Kamigata ukiyo- e, 1975) by Matsudaira Susumu (Riccar Art Museum).