Artist: Utagawa Yoshitaki (歌川芳滝)

Print: Ichikawa Udanji I [市川右団治] as Kainosuke [甲斐之助] on the right
and Onoe Tamizō II [尾上多見蔵] as Komakine Hachirō [駒木根八郎] on the left,
in Irokurabe Aki no Nanakusa (色競秋七草)
[(sic) - actually Keisei Nazuna no Sekku - けいせい薺佳節]

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Dates: 1873,created
Dimensions: 14.25 in,9.75 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Yoshitaki 芳瀧 (on each sheet)

Related links: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - the earlier version;

Physical description:

A recycled version of an earlier print at MFA Boston, with a different color scheme and a different actor on the left. However, someone forgot to change the title of the play, in the red box at upper right, and so it still refers to the earlier production, Irokurabe Aki no Nanakusa, at the Naka Theater in 1867.8.