Artist: Anonymous / unknown

Print: Picture game board Sugoroku 絵双六 - the goal of this game is to reach the position of Daijokan (or Dajokan), the Great Council of the State, by experiencing a variety of occupations.

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Dates: created,1879
Dimensions: 28.75 in,19.0 in,Overall dimensions
Inscription: published by Katō Tomisaburō in 1880 (Meiji 12)

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Physical description: Published by Katō Tomisaburō in 1879 (Meiji 12), The goal of this game is to reach the position of Daijokan (or Dajokan), or the Great Council of the State. This was the highest position and only existed briefly in early Meiji. It was terminated in 1885. In order to pursue that dream job, players would need to experience a variety of occupations, including Navy Lord and Museum Director. Each square on the board represents an occupation with each successive square representing a more prestigious job.

The board is composed of four oban size woodblock prints, trimmed and pasted together to form a single sheet.

The name sugoroku 双六 literally translates "twin sixes" and probably derives from the two six-faced dice rolled to determine game play.

Picture Sugoroku 絵双六 were first seen in Japan around the 13th Century but became extremely popular during the Edo period due to inexpensive but elaborate woodblock printmaking. Similar to chutes and ladders games, Sugoroku continued to be popular throughout the Meiji and later periods. Children's magazines frequently included sugoroku as inserts.

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