Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige (歌川広重)

Print: Taira Kiyomori haunted by strange sights
(Taira no Kiyomori kai-i o miru zu - 平清盛怪異を見る図)

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Dates: created,1844 - 1845
Dimensions: 29.5 in,14.46 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Hiroshige ga
Publisher: Ibaya Kyūbei (Marks 126 - seal 21-068)
Censor's seal: Watari

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Physical description:


Kiyomori stands in the center, glaring at the snow-heaped shapes of trees, bushes, stone-lanterns and mounds in the garden, which appear as skulls and skeletons in menacing attitudes. At the right, one of Kiyomori's attendants cowers. According to the inscription at the top right, Kiyomori, instead of being terrified, glared resolutely back at the spectres until they disappeared. According to tradition, these were the ghosts of the warriors of the Minamoto clan who were slain in the civil wars of the 12th century. The prints are in a very fine state of preservation. Published by Ibakyū, around 1844-45. (Hiroshige's age: 48-49). Full size (triptych)."

Quoted from Tamba, Tsuneo "The Art of Hiroshige" 1965, no 147.



1)The full triptych is illustrated in color in Chimi moryō no sekai : Ukiyoe : Edo no gekiga--reikai, makai no shujinkō-tachi (浮世絵魑魅魍魎の世界: 江戶の劇画 : 霊界魔界の主人公たち) by 中右瑛 (Nakau Ei), Ribun Shuppan, Tokyo, 1987, pp. 28-29. There is also another reproduction in black and white on p. 86. [The text is entirely in Japanese.]

2) The full triptych is illustrated in color in 浮世絵八華 (Ukiyo-e hakka), vol. 8 (Hiroshige), Heibonsha, 1984, #25.

3) The full triptych is illustrated in black and white in Hiroshige: An Exhibition of Selected Prints and Illustrated Books, pp. 68-69.