Individual: Hotei (布袋)

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The pot-bellied god of good fortune. "Hotei was originally a Chán monk of the late Táng dynasty. Bùdài, as his name reads in modern Mandarin, live on Sìmíngshān, was famous for the constant happy expression on his face, and for his corpulence; and invariably went round with a linen sack (bùdài) begging for alms. He died in 917, came to be worshipped as a manifestation of Mílè (Jap. Miroku), the Buddha of the Future, and was often portrayed in art. In Japan, especially during the Edo period, he ranked as one of the Seven Gods of Good Luck (Shichifukujin)."

Quoted from: The Harunobu Decade by David Waterhouse, vol. 1, p. 187.