Artist: Utagawa Kunihiro (歌川国広)

Alternate names:
Ganjōsai (go - 丸丈齋)
Kōnantei (go - 江南亭)
Sanshōtei (go - 三昇亭)
Takigawa (original family name - 滝川)

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Active ca 1816 - 1835. Osaka print designer. Kunihiro may have been associated with Utagawa Toyokuni I; otherwise, his teachers are unknown. He was an important yakusha-e artist during the early and middle periods of Osaka printmaking, with a number of pupils (the most important being Ryusai Shigeharu). Among Kunihiro's first compositions were oban nishiki-e sets depicting Nakamura Utaemon III in hayagawari (quick-change) dances...

Source: The Hotei Encyclopedia of Japanese Woodblock Prints.


Laurance P. Roberts gives a different end date for this artists productivity. He said he was active between ca. 1815 and 1843.