Role: Minamoto no Yoshiie (源義家)

Lifetime: 1041 - 1108

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A real-life historical figure who was often portrayed in kabuki theater and in literature.

"Oldest son of Yoriyoshi, when a boy, was called Genda. At the age of 7, he performed the ceremony of the gembuku in the temple of Hachiman, at Iwashimizu (Yamashiro) and was from that moment called Hachiman Tarō. Having mastered in a very short time all the branches of military art, he made his first experiment at arms during the expedition conducted by his father against Abe Yoritoki, distinguished himself and on this account received the name of Dewa no kami, (1064). In 1081 the bonzes of the Mii-dera temple came to besiege Hiei-zan: Yoshiie was asked to repulse them. Named Chinjufu-Shōgun, he had to repress the Kiowara revolt in 1087; at first defeated, he at last succeeded in his endeavors, owing to the timely help his brother Yoshimitsu brought him from Kyōto. Yoshiie has remained one of the most renowned heroes of the Middle Ages and legend has added some marvelous details to his eventful life."

Quoted from: Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Japan by E. Papinot, pp. 377-378.