Actor: Ōtani Hiroemon V (五代目大谷広右衛門)

Alternate names:
Bajō (poetry name)
Ōtani Daisaku (大谷大作)
Ōtani Manroku (大谷万六)
Ōtani Mansaku II (二代目大谷万作)

Lifetime: 1804 - 1855

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"Born in Edo in 1804. he started his career as a disciple of the actor Ôtani Hiroemon IV (?), who gave him the name of Ôtani Manroku. He took the name of Ôtani Daisaku in the 7th lunar month of 1836 at the Moritaza, playing a minor role in the drama "Honchô Nijûshikô". Then he took the name of Ôtani Mansaku in the 5th lunar month of 1839 at the Ichimuraza, performing in the drama "Hana Shôbu Ukiki no Kameyama". He finally took the name of Ôtani Hiroemon V in the 8th lunar month of 1848. His career started to decline afterwards and his name did not appear often in the theater playbills up to his death the 13th of the 9th lunar month of 1855. He was a good supporting jitsuaku actor during all his career."

Quoted from Kabuki21.