Artist: Kunimaro II (二代国麿)

Alternate names:
Ichiensai ( - 一円斎)
Kikusai ( - 菊哉)
Yokoyama Kinji (family name - 横山近二)

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Very little is known about this artist. He was a pupil of Utagawa Kunimaro I, but as best we can tell he was not given the privilege of using the Utagawa name. He is known to have flourished as early as 1870 and as late as 1886. In an article in the Yomiura from August 12, 1892 about a monument being dedicated to Kunisada II and Kunisada III, Kunimaro II was among those artists who had been come from the school of Kunisada (I) who were still alive.

There is a print by this artist in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.