Actor: Asao Kigan (浅尾鬼丸)

Alternate names:
Ichikawa Kigan (市川鬼丸)
Asai Kuzaemon (朝井工左衛門)
Asao Kuzaemon I (初代浅尾工左衛門)
Takeda Nisaburō (竹田仁三郎)
Ichikawa Onimaru (市川鬼丸)
Nakayama Tashirō II (中山俊朗)

Lifetime: 1758 - 1824

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We originally misread 鬼丸 as Onimaru as the name of this actor. While that is an acceptable reading it can also be read as Kigan. Since we discovered our mistake we have been able to find out credible information about this man.

In his childhood he performed as Takeda Nisaburō along with his brother Takeda Tashirō. After he joined Nakayama Tatezō I he received the name Nakayama Tashirō II. In 11/1793 he took the name Asai Kuzaemon. [More to follow.]