Publisher: Iseya Shōnosuke (伊勢屋庄之助)

Alternate names:
Iseshō (seal name - 伊勢庄)
Shōgyokudō (firm name in 1860 - 松延堂)

Lifetime: circa 1848 - 1882

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Edo/Tokyo publisher (Marks 155). Artists published by this house include Keinen, Kunichika, Kunisada III, Sadahide, Toyokuni III, Yoshiiku, Yoshimasa, Yoshimori, Yoshitora and Yoshitsuya.

[Yoshiiku is the only artist in the Lyon Collection who was published by this house. His name is highlighted in bold type.]


There is another variation on the firm name of Shōgyokudō, but it was written with different characters 松玉堂 and appeared in 1864.