Publisher: Iseya Magobei (伊勢屋孫兵衛)

Alternate names:
Isemago/Iseson (seal name - 伊勢孫)

Lifetime: circa 1794 - 1813

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Edo publisher (Marks 150). Marks gives two dates for this publisher. One is ca. 1794-1813 and the other is ca. 1854-1868. He explains it this way: "Overlapping dates indicate that a publisher simultaneously operated at more than one location, a few even in other cities." There appears to have been a hiatus between 1813 when this house quite publishing and the 1850s when it started up again.

Artists published by this house include Eishō, Kunimasa, Kunimitsu, Kunisada, Shun'ei, Toyokuni I, Tsukimaro and Utamaro.

[Kunisada is the only artist in the Lyon Collection published by this house. His name is highlighted in bold type.]