Actor: Ogino Kinshi I (初代荻野錦子)

Alternate names:
Kinshi (poetry name)
Kintō (poetry name)
Izumikawa Kamekichi (泉川亀吉)
Ogino Kamekichi (荻野亀吉)
Sawamura Kunitarō II (二代目沢村国太郎)
Ogino Yaegiri III (三代目荻野八重桐)

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We don't know what year this actor was born, but we do know that he held this name, using these characters, from 11/1814 to 11/1819. He had used the name Kinshi earlier using these character, 錦紫. He died in 1836.


There is a comprehensive account of Kinshi's life at Kabuki21 under the heading 'Sawamura Kunitarō II'. From 1798-1814 he acted under the name of Izumikawa Kamekichi with a troupe of actors. "Later on, he becomes disciple of Ogino Itarô, who gives him the name of Ogino Kamekichi. His next stage names are Ogino Kinshi and Ogino Yaegiri III, a prestigious name unheld since 6th lunar month of 1763. He takes back the name of Ogino Kinshi, using a different writing..." 錦紫 the early form and 錦子 as the new form.

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