Publisher: Sakai Kawaguchi (酒井川口)

Alternate names:
Kawaguchi Jirō (co-owner)
Sakai Shōkichi (co-owner)

Lifetime: 1929 - 1931

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Tokyo publisher (Marks 438) on modern 20th century prints. Among the artists published by this house were Kotondo, Inuzuka, Hasui, Komon Sōseki, Koson and Kōitsu. It should also be noted that Kotondo never published with Watanabe.

[Kotondo is the only artist in the Lyon Collection who has been published by this house. His name is highlighted in bold type.]


Andreas Marks wrote: "Joint publishing company by Sakai and Kawaguchi that was continued by Kawaguchi alone in 1831 [sic - actually 1931] under the name Kawaguchiya Bijutsusha."


Sakai Shōkichi (1878-1942). Kawaguchi Jirō's dates are unknown.