Actor: Ichikawa Hakuen II (二代目市川白猿)

Alternate names:
Hakuen (poetry name - 白猿)
Jukai (poetry name - 寿海)
Sanshō (poetry name - 三升)
Ichikawa Danjūrō VII (七代目市川 團十郎)
Ichikawa Ebizō V (五代目市川海老蔵)
Ichikawa Shinnosuke I (初代市川新之助)

Lifetime: 1791 - 1859

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We know that this actor held this name in 1829 and as late as 1833. At Osakaprints.com they tell us that: "Hakuen II (二代目白猿) was the temporary acting name of the Edo superstar Ichikawa Danjūrō VII (七代目市川團十郎 1791-1859), who performed briefly in Osaka after fires destroyed all three theaters in Edo in 3/1829. His performances during 1829-1830 in Kamigata were quite a sensation, and fans filled the theaters to watch him perform."