Actor: Nakamura Fukusuke I (初代中村福助: 3/1839 to 6/1860)

Alternate names:
Nakamura Komasaburō (中村駒三郎: youthful name)
Nakamura Masanosuke I (初代中村政之助: youthful name)
Nakamura Shikan IV (四代目中村芝翫: 7/1860 to October 1898)
Nakamura Tamatarō I (初代中村玉太郎: youthful name)

Lifetime: 1831 - 1899

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This actor held his name from 3/1839 to 6/1860. Born on the 3 day of the 3rd month - Girl's Day - of 1831. He died January 16, 1899. He was adopted by Nakamura Utaemon IV (1796-1852) who is represented in the Lyon Collection by more than 20 prints. His birth father was Nakamura Tomishirō. His brother was Nakamura Fukusuke II (1839-67). His adopted sons were Nakamura Utaemon V (1865-1940) and Nakamura Fukusuke III (1846-88).

Fukusuke's I's first teacher was Nakamura Tomijūrō II who at that time was a backstage manager or tōdori. He first acted under the names Nakamura Tamatarō I, Nakamura Komasaburō and Nakamura Masanosuke I. In 1838 he was adopted by Nakamura Utaemon IV and then went to Edo with him. It was the next year in the third month that he became the first Nakamura Fukusuke.