Actor: Nakamura Fukusuke I (初代中村福助)

Alternate names:
Nakamura Komasaburō (中村駒三郎)
Nakamura Masanosuke I (初代中村政之助)
Nakamura Shikan IV (四代目中村芝翫)
Nakamura Tamatarō I (初代中村玉太郎)

Lifetime: 1831 - 1899

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This actor held his name from 3/1839 to 6/1860. Born on the 3 day of the 3rd month - Girl's Day - of 1831. He died January 16, 1899. He was adopted by Nakamura Utaemon IV (1796-1852) who is represented in the Lyon Collection by more than 20 prints. His birth father was Nakamura Tomishirō. His brother was Nakamura Fukusuke II (1839-67). His adopted sons were Nakamura Utaemon V (1865-1940) and Nakamura Fukusuke III (1846-88).