Actor: Arashi Kitsusaburō II (二代目嵐橘三郎)

Alternate names:
Gyokusan (poetry name - 玉山)
Rikaku (poetry name - 里鶴)
Arashi Jusaburō I (初代嵐寿三郎)
Arashi Rikan II (二代目嵐璃寛)
Arashi Tokusaburō II (二代目嵐徳三郎)

Lifetime: 1788 - 1837

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This actor held this name from 9/1822 to 7/1828. He made his debut in 11/1800 in Osaka where he received the name Arashi Tokusaburō II. His first twenty years were spent acting with a children's troupe and then traveling around to temples and shrines in the Osaka and Kyoto areas. In 1819 he temporarily changed his name to Arashi Jusaburō I, but changed it back to Tokusaburō II the next year.