Actor: Kataoka Gadō II (二代目片岡我童)

Alternate names:
Roen (poetry name - 芦燕)
Kataoka Gatō I (初代片岡我當)
Arashi Kitsujirō (嵐橘次郎)
Kataoka Nizaemon VIII (八代目片岡仁左衛門)
Ichikawa Shinnosuke (市川新之助)

Lifetime: 1810 - 1863

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This actor held this name from 1/1839 to 12/1856 and then again from 10/1862 to 2/1863. He was adopted by both by Kataoka Nizaemon VII (1755-1837) and Ichikawa Danjūrō VII (1791-1859).


Osaka Prints says of this actor: "Kataoka Gadô II (二代目片岡我童), 1810-1863, performed in Kamigata under a series of names. The first three names were used prior to 1833: Ichikawa Shinnosuke (held while under the tutlege of the Edo superstar and adoptive father Ichikawa Danjûrô VII); Mimasu Iwagorô (used after quarreling with Danjûrô VII and leaving the Ichikawa family); and Arashi Kitsujirô (used after becoming a disciple of the Kamigata star Arashi Rikan II). Then in 1833, he took the name Kataoka Gatô I (after being adopted by Kataoka Nizaemon VII, whose haimyô or poetry name was Gatô). In 1839 he became Kataoka Gadô II (Gadô was another haimyô used by Kataoka Nizaemon VII), and finally, in 1857, he ascended to the name Kataoka Nizaemon VIII (his mentor having died 20 years earlier, the name lineage had remained unclaimed). In his final time on the stage, he reverted to Gadô II (10/1862 to 2/1862)."