Artist: Ikeda Terukata (池田輝方)

Lifetime: 1883 - 1921

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Husband of Ikeda Shōen. He was born in Tokyo and studied with both Mizuno Toshikata and Kawai Gyokudō. Paul Jacoulet studied with him. During the Russo-Japanese War he produced images for the publisher Fukuda Hatsujirō.


Scholten Japanese Art gives a fuller biographer for his artist.

Ikeda Terukata was a student in the school of Mizuno Toshikata (1866-1908) from 1895, where he met Kashiwabara Shoen (Ikeda Shoen, 1888-1917), a fellow student who would become his wife in 1911. In 1901, Terukata worked with Kaburagi Kiyokata (1878-1973) and Yamanaka Kodo (b.1869) to help found the Ugokai (Cormorant Society) for ukiyo-e and genre artists. Toshikata, Kiyokata, Terukata, and Shoen were all part of a circle of artists who produced paintings, prints, and kuchi-e (book illustrations) in a manner, typical of Nihonga, which was more idealized than traditional ukiyo-e. After Toshikata's death in 1908, Terukata studied with Kawai Gyokudo (1873-1957), one of the more prominent Nihonga artists. Terukata won the Grand Prize at the 1916 Bunten.