Publisher: Toyoshimaya Bunjiemon (豐嶋屋文治右衛門)

Alternate names:
Bunkindō (firm name - 文錦堂)
Toshimaya (seal name - 豐嶋屋)
Ōbatake Bunjiemon (大畠文治右衛門)

Lifetime: circa 1776 - 1798

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Nagasaki print publisher Marks #543. Artists published by this house include Shunkō and Shunshō. Also, it should be noted that there is some discrepancy in the dates for this publisher. They may have been active as early as the 1750s, which is consistent with the pre-1786 dating of the Lyon Collection Shunshō, and as late as ca. 1859.

Shunshō is the only artist in the Lyon Collection published by this house. That is why we have highlighted his name in bold type.