Publisher: Doi Sadaichi (土井貞)

Alternate names:
Tōkyōdō (firm name - 東京堂)

Lifetime: 1930 - 1945

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Edo print publisher (Marks 038) He was a print dealer who visited San Francisco. When he returned to Tokyo in 1930 he opened a woodblock print publishing business. Died in 1945 and his son Eiichi (1917-96) took over the business which is still operating today.


Doi Teiichi (Sadaichi; dates unknown) established the Doi Hangaten (Doi Print Shop) in 1924 andsimilar to many of his colleagues he initially dealt in ukiyo-e... His first shin hanga in 193I were works such as Kawase Hasui's Winter moon over Toyama plain (Fuyu no tsuki, Toyamagahara)."

Quoted from: 'Waves of Renewal, Modern Japanese Prints 1900-60: Selections from the Nihon no Hanga Collection, Amsterdam'. [Note that this source places Doi's beginnings a year later than Marks does.]