Publisher: Yamato Shinbunsha (大和新聞社)

Lifetime: circa 1886 - 1891

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Tokyo print publisher (Marks 606). Andreas Marks notes that this publisher may be the same as Sasaki Toyokichi (Marks 450) because they occupied the same address at the same time. Also because the Yamato Shinbun was published by them until 1944.

Yoshitoshi who died in 1892 is the only artist listed by Marks as having been published by this house.


In 2010 a book, Manufacturing Modern Japanese Literature: Publishing, Prizes, and the Ascription of Literary Value, by Edward Mack says in a footnote on page 279 that Hirabayashi Hatsunosuke (1892-1931) joined the writing staff of the Yamamoto Shinbunsha in 1918.