Artist: Utagawa Kunisada II (二代歌川国貞)

Alternate names:
Baidō (go - 梅堂)
Hōraisha (go - 宝来舎)
Ichijusai (go - 一寿斎)
Kōchōrō (go - 香蝶楼)
Kunimasa III (go - 国政三代)
Masakichi (nickname - 政吉)
Seitarō (nickname - 清太郎)
Baichōrō Kunisada (梅蝶楼国貞)
Takenouchi Munehisa (original family name - 竹内宗久))
Utagawa Toyokuni IV (四代歌川豊国)

Lifetime: 1823 - 1880

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A pupil of Utagawa Kunisada I, he signed much of his early work "Baidō Kunimasa III." He took the name Kunisada after marrying his master's eldest daughter Ōsuzu in 1846. He changed his name once more following his master's death, to Toyokuni III. However, since there were three artists called Toyokuni before him, Kunisada II is now often known as Toyokuni IV.

Kunisada II is renowned for his prints. His favourite subjects were pleasure-houses and tea ceremonies. These themes are sometimes found together in some of his prints, as geishas usually acted as chaperones at tea-houses.