Publisher: Yamashiroya Sahei (山城屋佐兵衛)

Alternate names:
Bunseidō (firm name - 文政堂)
Yamasa (seal name - 山佐)
Fuji Sahei (family name - 藤井文政堂)

Lifetime: circa 1803 - 1878

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Marks (603) gives two dates for this Kyoto publisher. One is ca. 1810s and the other is ca. 1803-1878. He explains it this way: "Overlapping dates indicate that a publisher simultaneously operated at more than one location, a few even in other cities.". It should be noted that there are several volumes of text in the National Diet Library dating from as early as 1800.

Artists published by this house include Goshichi, Kunisada, Nagahide, Seikoku, Shuntei and Toyokuni I.

[Artists in the Lyon Collection whose works were published by this house are highlighted in bold type.]


It should be noted that this publisher was better known for its production of books with only texts and few to no illustrations. Its production of ukiyo-e seem quite rare.