Artist: Utagawa Yoshiiku (歌川芳幾)

Alternate names:
Chōkarō ( - 朝霞楼)
Ikkeisai ( - 一恵斎)
Ikujirō (nickname - 幾次郎)
Keiami ( - 蕙阿弥)
Keisai ( - 蕙斎)
Sairakusai ( - 洒落斎)
Ochiai (family name - 落合)

Lifetime: 1833 - 1904

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"Ukiyo-e printmaker, illustrator. Born in Edo, son of the proprietor of a teahouse in the Yoshiwara. Apprenticed to the owner of a pawnshop; soon left to become a pupil of Utagawa Kuniyoshi. After the Meiji Restoration became a popular and well-known newspaper illustrator, working in 1874 for the Tōkyō Nichi-nichi Shimbun as an illustrator and, in 1875, for the Tōkyō Eiri Shimbun as a cartoonist. His subjects included actors and bijin and, particularly, ghostly scenes, done in the exaggerated manner and harsh colors of the mid-19th century. Also, illustrated numerous books."

Quoted from: A Dictionary of Japanese Artists... by Laurance P. Roberts, p. 193.

He died on February 6, 1904.