Artist: Shunkōsai Hokushū (春好斎北洲)

Alternate names:
Hokushū (go - 北洲)
Sekkatei (go - 雪花亭)
Shōkōsai (go - 松好斎)
Shunkō (go - 春好)

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Ukiyo-e printmaker active ca 1808-1832. Owner of a paper store in Osaka; said to have been a pupil of Hokusai; known to have studied under Shokosai Hambei. All his prints associated with. Osaka; in his time the leading Osaka designer of actor prints, especially of the okubi-e head format, setting the style for such prints. Boldly drawn in a somewhat tight, formal style; good colorist, of great technical skill. Also illustrated many books, the earliest of which, History of the Forty-seven Ronin, was published in Edo in 1808.

The above information is taken directly from Laurance P. Roberts.


The go name Hokushū was used from 1818 on.