Artist: Kitagawa Toyohide (北川豊秀)

Alternate names:
Ichiryūtei (go - 一流亭)
Isshintei (go - 一信亭)

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Artist - Osaka print designer. Virtually nothing is known about Toyohide, whose few oban nishiki actor prints (yakusha-e) include designs of the visiting Edo superstar Onoe Kikugoro III as Shirai Gonpachi in Ume no haru gojusan tsugi (3/1841), and as Yomoshichi in Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan (9/1841).

Active from circa 1839 - 1843.


At Osakaprints.com they wrote: "Very little is known about the artist Toyohide. His family name was Kitagawa, and he also used the geimei (art names: 芸名) Ichiryûtei and Isshintei. He was active a few years before and a year after the start of the Tenpô kaikaku (Tenpô Reforms: 天保改革) of 1842, edicts that virtually halted print production in Osaka for five years. Toyohide's prints date from 1838 to 1843. Occasionally his signature appears within a toshidama-style cartouche ("New Year's jewel" or "New Year's gift," a type of year seal used as the crest of the Utagawa school of artists), suggesting a connection with the Edo-based artist Utagawa Kunisada (歌川國貞 later Toyokuni III 豊國 1786-1865), although his use of "Toyo" (豊) in his name precedes Kunisada's taking of the Toyokuni name in 1844 and thus suggests to some scholars that Toyohide might have had a connection with Utagawa Toyokuni I (歌川豊國 1769-1825) more than a decade before Toyohide's first known prints."